Who Makes the GNAT?>>


The GNAT was designed and developed by Nick Abercrombie Andrews (holding mug in pictures). He also makes some parts, and maintains this website.

The composite (carbon/epoxy, glass/polyester ..) parts of the GNAT are made in England by Mike Nelthorpe and his wife Sylvia, seen here on the right with Nick and an early chassis pattern.

The Nelthorpes' company, HQ Fibre Products, is an experienced manufacturer of trike components, having until 2000 made the composite parts for the Windcheetah. (You may have seen the HQFP logo on the fairings of record-breaking HPVs , as well as upmarket products for road-racing bikes.)

Alan Beaumont sells the kits, as well as sourcing parts and doing other tasks. He met Nick at the CTC annual York Rally. Alan had bought a Windcheetah in kit form, but after riding Nick's trike was keen to acquire the machine he named the Great Nick Andrews Trike. He later bought a secondhand model from Nick, on which he commuted to work for several years, along a busy main road in all weathers, before acquiring two Mk2 moulded GNATs. Alan lives in West Yorkshire, England..

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