Are you the sort of person who watches the President of the World trying to start a third world war, and says 'Look, there's someone going past on a bicycle behind him'. If so, this page of irrelevencies might be for you:-

RECOLLECTIONS OF A TRIP TO WEYMOUTH: PART ONE The tale ends with me in a campsite halfway between Bath and Weymouth with my adventures only just beginning. My literary pretensions dried up when my father died shortly after the story was published in AtoB Magazine.

A Trip to Wales is a more recent account of a journey through Ireland I made on my GNAT. Written for this site, there are several photos of my loaded trike.

MAKE A MIRROR. Some people want to tell you about Jesus; I want to convert you to mirrors (but only if you wear glasses).

A mirror the size of a postage stamp mounted on your spectacles is better than one as big as Richard Ballantine's dinner plate stuck on your handlebars. The same mirror will do for both upright and recumbent riding. I would rather be called a nerd than ride without one.

Why is the GNAT years late? Well, to be honest, it's got a lot to do with the amount of time I waste. I'm working hard on it though. Have A peek inside Nick's Workshop to see what is involved in making one of the many steel parts of the kit.

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