March 2006

I am spending Jan-March 2006 on Paros - a Greek island. One of my tasks here is to bring the GNAT's website up to date.

Alan has asked me for a list of parts for the GNAT. I have been trying to finish a spreadsheet for years, but Microsoft Excel has a strange power to start me yawning, so this page gives the bits and pieces you need in HTML format.

The email address that used to appear on this site ( started getting a lot of spam, and I gave up reading it. (Looking at some of the email headers, I noticed emails cc'd to .. You can now email me on - this address should be spamproof, although initially when I redirected my emails there, they all seemed to get through, presumably because the address they were redirected from was not on the blacklist. Now the junk has diminished and I manage to read every email I get.

Datacable (for whom I work as a programmer, part-time) have given me some webspace, so I will be moving this site from to the new address of My site was, in fact, originally hosted on my employers' webserver, until someone deleted the files by accident. Peter Eland (of Velovision) remarked that the ads on esmartdesign were making my site look unprofessional, but I guess he was joking (OK, some were for fly-fishing, others for pest-control!). I will keep a link to the new site from the old address. The other drawback to the old host was that links were possible only to my root page. Still, I would recommend Esmartdesign to anyone wanting a free website, so long as they do not expect to exceed 30mb downloads/day.

I spent a lot of my spare time in 2005 doing building work, unfortunately none of it building GNATs. My workshop now has a new roof, a new floor, and two extensions - one a conservatory, the other a store for firewood and turf (the latter is dug out of the ground in my part of Ireland). My neighbour John, always a good source of building advice, said I should have knocked down the old building and built a new one. The main area is around 30 by 15 feet, and it is now looking very nice to work in. I expect to be back in Ireland in early April. I will take some pictures of it then, although as I am not online in Ireland, they may not be posted here until May 2006.