Contents of the GNAT kit

Requirements may vary, so the exact contents of the kit is something to be agreed with Alan Beaumont. The kit however contains custom-made items and other parts you might have difficulty obtaining.

The remainder of the parts, including all the transmission and rear hub, are standard. You can get them from your local cycle shop or spares box.

<to be continued>

I have a spreadsheet containing a complete list of parts, which I will try to get online. Meanwhile, below are some notes.

Notes on the Parts List

Parts for the GNAT come under one of a few categories:
· Brazed Steel
· Moulded composite
· Aluminium section
· Standard cycle parts
· Special cycle parts
· Nuts and Bolts
· Standard non-cycle parts
· Sundries

Brazed Steel includes the wishbones, seatback, boom tube and axle carriers.
Moulded Composites are: the chassis, rear swing arm and boom clamps.
Aluminium section includes the eight angle brackets joining things to the chassis, plus the bracket for the rear suspension web and central seat stay; and the small top-wishbone webbing clamps (drilled 5mm).
Standard Cycle parts for the GNAT are anything you can buy from a cycle shop without too much trouble; mainly a complete set of transmission components.
Special Cycle parts include the front hubs; the 406mm wheels may also belong to this group. The rear dropouts, obtained from a Frame Builders' supplier then jig drilled, belong to this group. Should be supplied with the kit as not all dropouts are suitable.
Nuts and Bolts are just that, available by mail order if you can't find what you want locally. Stainless steel look nice and don't rust, but note a few places where high-tensile is preferable because of its superior strength. Note the rear swingarm bushes, standard stainless 12mm hex-headed bolts machined down and threaded 8mm internally by someone with a lathe (e.g. Nick)
Standard non-cycle parts, mainly balljoints, also ballends for h/bars. Alan will probably get these from RS components. Note the top wishbone balljoints need to be machined on a lathe.
Sundries are basically anything that does not fit into the above categories. This includes plasticky things like the chain idler pulley, bearings for the chassis steerer tube, and the crossdrilled U-joint, and 25mm webbing for suspension (from Alan or get locally; nylon, polypropylene and polyester have all been used on the GNAT).