February 2007

In the last update, following an encounter with Mike Burrows, I mentioned a design of crank ('tapered castellations') that I had devised, engineered and used on some cycles I made in the 1980's. Someone has emailed me this link, saving me the trouble of going into my attic and digging out an article in which I described the design - which like other things up there is probably covered in bat droppings by now. I have copied the picture on the right - which I drew - from the website.

Going into the attic of my house in Ireland would be difficult at the moment as I am on the Greek island of Paros, escaping from the winter in the British Isles. As I have ADSL internet here, I plan to post a few supplementary notes in the next week or two for the benefit of kit builders. I should be back in my workshop in April and, following a lot of false starts, I believe now that 2007 will be the Year of the GNAT.


September 2006

The joys of living in a small town: someone I did not know recently gave me this picture of myself in the annual Carnival parade.



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